You’re not alone; 75% of America’s 40 million plus denture wearers are unhappy wearing dentures. Dental implants are the only method of strengthening your chewing and your bone. If you have adequate bone to support multiple implants you may be in luck. We now have denture replacements that are fixed to implants and feel like real teeth. There is no slippage, sore spots, or poor chewing with these solutions.

The three types are as follows; 1) porcelain fixed bridges over implants (the most natural and most expensive option), 2) so-called hybrid fixed-bridges, because they have bridgework bases yet denture teeth (very natural and cost-effective), 3) our newest edition, developed by IDI, the I-C Hybrid, which eliminates the denture base of the hybrid creating a bridge feel at a hybrid price.

Advances in one-piece implants allow many people to be helped with simplified standard implants. The appearance, strength, and longevity of these standard implants are equal to that of more complicated implant systems when used properly. They are more cost-effective because they do not require bone grafting or have multiple costly parts.

Traditional implant treatments can be very costly; involving invasive surgery, general anesthesia risk, and bone grafting. When these are your only alternative, we recommend them and are qualified to guide you through that process.

However, our practice philosophy is to use FDA approved modern simplified implants whenever appropriate. These implants are already designed to fit your existing bone. Most dentists are not trained in these technologies, and therefore, do not know how to recommend them. Either way, you will be assured that your implant care will be the most time, comfort, and cost-effective…since you will receive just the right care at just the right cost from the leaders in implant focused general dentistry.

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