Free Consultation

We begin every patient engagement by providing an in-person, free consultation to assess your specific implant needs. It is important for us that you have a clear understanding of the procedures involved and the expectations that result. Our patients appreciate being well-informed so there are no surprises once we decide to proceed.

We Put Together Your Implant Plan

After the free consultation, our staff meets to discuss your specific needs, and put together a plan for your dental implant procedures. We are able to provide the total costs of the procedures, how long recovery will take, and work your dental plan into your schedule. You are provided with complete details every step of the way – from pre- to post-implant procedure.

Let’s Talk about Finance Options

It’s no secret that dental implants can be a costly procedure. It’s a small cost, however, when you consider that dental health is essential for overall well-being, but we understand that any cost is more than what you’d like to spend. But you’ve chosen one of the leading experts in implantology Central Ohio. And we’ve become a leader because of our innovative approaches to dental implant procedures. So while some doctors may charge an arm, leg and maybe a few teeth, we are quite sensitive to your budget. So through the planning stage, we will outline the best, most budget-conscious approach for your unique situation. And, we have finance options available to help with your own fiduciary responsibilities. So let’s talk about it, and find a solution that works for you.

Every patient engagement is unique, which is why we are diligent in mapping out a specific plan for you. At our very core is a desire that you love your new mouth. The combination of our technologies coupled with our exceptional bedside rapport ensures that your expectations are met and exceeded.

Recommend a Family Member or Friend

We are confident that your dental implant procedure will not only be successful for you, but will increase your own self-confidence, and change the way people see you for the better. So we’re hopeful that your experience is worth talking about, and that you will recommend friends and family members to visit Innovative Dental Implants.

We have a referral program available to reward patients that recommend our services. Read about it here.