Jean T.
Submitted 06/21/22
Always a great experience having my teeth cleaned by Natalie.

Patricia H.
Submitted 06/17/22
Dr. Butler has been my dentist for 25 years and I have never had a complaint! Natalie has been my oral Hygienist for over 20 years. Natalie does a great job. Natalie is gentle but gets the job done. The care and professionalism I get from Dr. Butler and his staff are the cream of the crop when it comes to dental care.

Michael M.
Submitted 06/13/22

Rachel M.
Submitted 06/07/22
Dr. Butler and his staff are consistently kind and professional.

Mary Kay G.
Submitted 05/31/22
Natalie is an amazing hygienist, she always has a smile and my teeth are sparkling.

John K.
Submitted 05/26/22
Very good

Jason W.
Submitted 05/16/22
Very informative on work that needs done on your teeth

Brian M.
Submitted 04/22/22
Dr. Butler and his staff are extremely friendly, nice and caring. I would recommend anyone with any type of dental issue to see Dr Butler. His experience, knowledge and manner is fantastic.

Brenda G.
Submitted 04/11/22
Pleasant and informative.

Eve L.
Submitted 04/07/22
I’ve been going to Dr. Butler’s office for close to 14 years. Natalie is the best.

Natalie N.
Submitted 03/30/22
Excellent place!

Sabrina S.
Submitted 03/28/22
Everyone is wonderful!!!! Natalie is my hygienist, she’s great! And Dr Butler is great and caring! Been going here for 20+ years.

Jody H.
Submitted 03/18/22
Great experience! Had a crown put on with his new technology the crown fit perfect the first time. Super happy.

Wynona D.
Submitted 03/03/22
I have had my implants since 2005. I have never had one problem.

Michele M.
Submitted 03/02/22
Dr. Butler is amazing!!! His staff is so wonderful, highly recommend!! I came from PR just to visit him.

Winston T.
Submitted 02/25/22
Very knowledgeable and thorough. The staff is Awesome

Ann S.
Submitted 02/22/22

Sal P.
Submitted 02/17/22
Same as always Smooth In and out

Marsha D.
Submitted 01/11/22
Greatest people ever -treated me with respect and kindness – very little pain and it was a great experience

Andrea J.
Submitted 01/07/22
Trusted Knowledgeable Great Staff

Roderick P.
Submitted 12/14/21
I have been going to Dr Butler for almost 40yrs and the experience is always amazing. His assistant Natalee does an excellent job at cleaning and caring for my teeth. Customer service is a AAA+++. Thank You for being the best!!!

Kim J.
Submitted 12/10/21
Very gentle

Jean T.
Submitted 12/10/21
Natalie is great at cleaning my teeth. Dr Butler answered all my questions l had.

MinMin L.
Submitted 12/06/21
Wonderful doctor and staffs, great services

Angela E.
Submitted 12/01/21
Dr. Butler and Natalie Rock!!

Jean E.
Submitted 11/21/21
Natalie is wonderful!!

Nancy S.
Submitted 10/20/21
Wonderful staff who care about their patients and their comfort.

Patricia H.
Submitted 10/20/21

Harry H.
Submitted 10/18/21
Very friendly staff.

Gina P.
Submitted 10/06/21

Larry L.
Submitted 09/28/21
Long time patient, they make you feel a part of the process. Best in town.

Brandi A.
Submitted 09/28/21
They cater to me and I’m a big coward

Renee A.
Submitted 09/22/21
Wonderful experience and very thorough. It was painless!

Lisa L.
Submitted 09/21/21
It was amazing ! Relaxing and affordable

Thomas P.
Submitted 09/09/21
Always a good experience!

Rebecca R.
Submitted 09/03/21
Always the best experience. I love my dentist and his staff so pleasant.

Bridgette G.
Submitted 09/01/21
Staff is always so friendly and Natalie is awesome!! Just a cleaning today but Dr. B listens to your concerns and helps put you at ease!

Bruce T.
Submitted 08/04/21
5 stars isn’t enough – these guys deserve 6. Long-time customer.

James G.
Submitted 08/03/21
Dr Butler and his staff are very professional, cordial and diligent.

Mitchell L.
Submitted 07/27/21
Natalie does a great job!

Emerick W.
Submitted 07/26/21
It is always wonderful to see the staff and Dr. Butler. My son had a great time.

Kanwal S.
Submitted 07/15/21
5 star- Great

Rosemary W.
Submitted 07/08/21
The services were excellent and all my questions were answered. The staff were welcoming as always.

Jeremy S.
Submitted 06/29/21
I had a very good experience

Katherine N.
Submitted 06/28/21
The best!

Amy H.
Submitted 06/28/21
Perfect visit, as always.

Dick R.
Submitted 06/18/21
Dr Butler and his employees are the greatest. My wife and I feel very comfortable while in his office. They care.

Jack W.
Submitted 06/17/21
Great care and explanation of questions!

Virginia S.
Submitted 05/27/21
I am in the process of getting my fourth implant with Dr. Butler and his staff. They are wonderful people. Dr. Butler stands behind his work. I love that he uses multiple brands of implants depending on your needs. The implants match my teeth perfectly in fit and color. Hope he and his staff never retire.

Michael M.
Submitted 11/24/20

Logan R.
Submitted 09/17/20
My experiences with Dr.Butler have always been great, always the most optimistic approach to dental health and longevity, pain free and with an awesome bed side manner. This Dr saved my smile, my confidence. thanks Dr.B

Ludmila I.
Submitted 08/18/20
Coming to Dr. Butler’s office is like coming to see a warm and welcoming family. I have been with them for 20 years and cannot say that I have met a better doctor or a better medical non-threatening environment.

Elsa F.
Submitted 08/05/20
Save my life with my smile

Rebecca R.
Submitted 07/07/20
Always the best!

Brian M.
Submitted 07/02/20
Always the best!

Teresa M.
Submitted 05/28/20
Very professional and easy to go through the new safety precautions. Everyone in the office was incredibly professional and friendly!

Gary N.
Submitted 02/07/20

Julie G.
Submitted 02/06/20
I was there for a teeth cleaning. Everyone was courteous and on time. It has always been a great experience. Everyone is very professional. Dr Butler and his team make everything so easy.

David E.
Submitted 02/04/20
Great as usual

Elsa F.
Submitted 01/31/20
Dr Buttler make me smile and be happy!

Sarah P.
Submitted 01/30/20

Kathy G.
Submitted 01/16/20
Extremely professional and friendly staff

Rebecca R.
Submitted 01/06/20
I love this office, best dentist EVER! Highly recommend, very professional and friendly office and Dr. Butler is just wonderful.

Jiten R.
Submitted 12/10/19
Textbook. Keep it up.

Constance Y.
Submitted 11/19/19
Gentle hands.

Courtney G.
Submitted 11/15/19
As always, I had a great experience with Natalie and Dr. Butler for my cleaning visit. Both Natalie and Dr. Butler always put me at ease. It’s comforting to know you can trust your providers!

Clinton A.
Submitted 11/14/19
Top of the line service all great people.

Tony M.
Submitted 10/30/19
Dr. Butler is a very skilled professional and he diagnosed me very quickly on all the things he fixed it for me. I have never felt one bit of pain And every process that he completed for me is still in my mouth I think he did six implants and several crowns I wouldn’t think I’m going to anyone else.

Timothy K.
Submitted 10/29/19
Being Diabetic and having Dental Surgery poses extremely difficult problems with any procedure. When 0iabetes created an issue, the “Butler team” worked to solve the issue with knowledge, technology and friendly professional service which corrected my Smile.

David M.
Submitted 10/14/19
Best decision I ever made. Dr. Butler and his staff are amazing. Thank you for giving my life back.

Elaine K.
Submitted 10/02/19
Very friendly and professional. Always gives excellent service. I’ve never had problems with Dr Butler and his staff.

Roy C.
Submitted 09/12/19
Always friendly

Sheila W.
Submitted 09/09/19
I love Natalie! She is the BEST dental hygienist!!!

Gina P.
Submitted 08/22/19
Natalie does a great job cleaning my teeth

Dr. James B.
Submitted 08/08/19
the Hygienist is thorough and pain free! i also had the new SmilePerfected whitening treatment and wow what a difference! all without painful sensitivity like the old way…

Natalie N.
Submitted 08/07/19
Natalie took her time cleaning my teeth and was as pleasant as always! Dr. Butler did an exam and polished an area that was rough. Love this office and all of the people

Renee C.
Submitted 08/07/19
Natalie did a wonderful job!!

Joyce H.
Submitted 08/06/19
Friendly and helpful I was very pleased with their service

Bruce T.
Submitted 07/29/19
The best – as usual. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Rebecca R.
Submitted 07/22/19
Always great experience!

Kim J.
Submitted 07/13/19
Always feel welcomed, comfortable and well taken care of. Great drink options. My favorite Dental office ever and they are so gentle.

Matt N.
Submitted 06/13/19
Everyone is friendly and knows my name. Always get top notch care!

Tamar G.
Submitted 06/12/19
Epitome of technical & interpersonal dental care by dentist and staff. Pricey but worth every penny.

James M.
Submitted 06/12/19
I had a great check up and cleaning. Second one in a row with no new issues thanks to Dr. Butler and his staff providing proper treatment for my issues over the last seven years.

Paul P.
Submitted 06/10/19

Jean T.
Submitted 06/09/19
I have going to Dr Butler for over 20 years and never had a bad experience.

Terri B.
Submitted 06/09/19
I have been going to Dr. Butler for over 30 years and have never been disappointed. He is talented, professional and dedicated to giving you the best smile possible. I highly recommend him!!